The Difference is Protein.


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A few years ago, when embarking on a journey of weight loss and better health, Liz’s personal trainer recommended she incorporate more protein into her diet – particularly breakfast. But a survey of the shelves revealed nothing that fit her requirements. The desire to create a high protein muesli for herself turned into a busy weekend hustle of selling her goods in ziplock bags to others that got a taste for it.

Genuinely passionate about her product, Liz attributes her weight loss success to this muesli, and loves sharing both the education around protein and this premium breakfast with others. This is serious nutrition – no compromises, no fillers, no artificial ingredients. Alongside business partner Stewart Chandler, High Protein Breakfast Company is changing the definition of muesli. Mount Deluxe has been there from the start, helping to inform the brand identity, product and packaging. Ziplock bags be gone!

“We were so in the dark. We had no idea how to go about selling our product; how to reach our customers. But Mount Deluxe really understood what we needed. They way they summed up so simply and beautifully what we were about was really powerful and that made us more energised to carry on, and confident that we can do it. After every meeting we always felt excited to do more and sure that we were on the right path.”

Liz O’Callaghan — High Protein Breakfast Company

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