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  • Brand development
  • Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Online directory
  • Web design & build

With her effortless sense of style and a natural eye for the cool and contemporary, Christchurch local, Johanna McCord, is one of those fortuitous few to have turned a creative outlet into a fulfilling fulltime role.

A career in the legal world doesn’t necessarily allow for creativity to flourish, so when what began as a hobby-on-the-side became an opportunity to fully embrace her talents, Johanna took a leap of faith. After all, experiencing and exploring the best of your city sounds like a pretty good day job. The product of her passion, We Built This City is a community that shares and celebrates the diverse goodness that she believes Christchurch has to offer. This curation of all things cool is intended to equally capture the attention of the connoisseurs, the cultured, and the simply curious.

“Mount Deluxe were able to translate our values into visuals. This design process was all new to us, so, despite our lack of knowledge, they were able listen and understand the result we were after and create something that looks beautiful, a place where people want to be.”

Johanna McCord — We Built This City

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