For the love of sourdough.


  • Brand development
  • Copywriting
  • Packaging
  • Retail signage
  • Vehicle signage

Simplicity, patience and a resolute commitment to quality are fundamentals that have ensured baker Andrew Fernside’s artisan bread company, Wild Wheat, has been winning hearts via stomachs for over 15 years.

After working as a chef in the epicurean hub of London, Andrew felt driven to give his own thing a go. Why baking? Well, put simply, he just ‘got it’ – and not many people do. But it helps that his personal values of transparency, integrity and honesty align nicely with his chosen craft. With sour dough bread there is no opportunity for anything less than natural – simple ingredients, simple processes and simply no additives. Just wholesome bread, straight-up, made the way it should be.

“They’ve got honesty and integrity in their business too, but they don’t take things too seriously. They bring great ideas but also took the time to understand my business and how I wanted it to be represented”

Andrew Fearnside — Wild Wheat

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