The Form Room

Jordan Jennings and Sarah Evans are an entrepreneurial duo who had the courage to do more than just follow their dream - they went out and created it themselves.




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How do you stand out in a market flushed with options? Innovation and attention to the finer detail have combined with exclusivity and comfort at The Form Room. The chic fitness studio in Ponsonby is the brainchild of trainers, Jordan and Sarah. Fitness is their life, and through The Form Room, they’re able to fulfil the pledge of making working out an easy and enjoyable part of their clients’ lives too. There are no cut corners here. The couple have remained unwavered from their vision to create a high-end wellness space, taking a more holistic approach to fitness which delivers a highly personalised experience. They stand unrivalled for luxury in the local fitness industry.

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“We didn’t want to work with a big agency. We wanted to work with designers who believed in our business and would put as much effort into our brand as we do. Mount Deluxe were able to take our minimal descriptions, throw us lots of ideas, and turn them into something that really represented us.”

Sarah Evans – Co-founder and Trainer at the Form Room