The workshop that works for business

A one-to-one brand discovery workshop

As business owners and entrepreneurs we are constantly expected to know how to market ourselves. But it can be difficult to gauge where to start and how best to invest in marketing. The key is to lay a solid foundation and know the right questions to ask yourself at an early stage.

This exclusive brand workshop is designed to bridge the gap between your business plan and your marketing plan. It covers a lot of ground from teaching you how to create opportunities within your business to connecting better with your customers. It keeps everyone focused on the end goal, ensuring the whole team is one the same page.

After this confidential workshop you’ll know how to:

  • Confidently embark on a marketing strategy and understand what is and isn’t relevant for your business.
  • Get everything in your head down on paper and understand why this is important to you and your team.
  • Learn how your goals will affect your marketing.
  • Identify new opportunities to drive sales.
  • Understand what your USP is.
  • Assess what marketing you need do and when.
  • Identify your competitors.
  • Predict when you need to give your marketing more focus.
  • Drill down the personality of your business.
  • Get in the head of your ideal customer.
  • Unravel all the jargon around marketing-speak

The workshop involves only two x 2-hour sessions followed by 1 x 1 hour session and provides tremendous industry insight that will help your business thrive.

"Five stars! After the Brand Discovery Workshop, we achieved something we’re incredibly proud of – a Brand Story which we can use internally and externally." Katrina Church, Director, People Group (Insurance People, Mortgage People)