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Apex Advice

Apex Advice, a team of financial advisors, came to Mount Deluxe with a dilemma – they didn't really 'own' their brand; they wanted to separate themselves from the other companies within the Apex family. After a branding workshop with the Apex Advice crew, we devised a clear path forward; a path built on the foundations of a new Brand Story and new positioning – In a great place.


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When it came to the visual aspects of the brand, we started with refining the existing logo slightly. This component was to remain largely untouched, but through a few small tweaks, we created a format of the icon that increased legibility and made more hierarchical sense. Green is a natural colour choice in representing growth and success, so we introduced an entire family of green hues – some have calm and trustworthy traits, while others add energy and momentum. Combined with a typeface full of personality, the new Apex Advice brand was evolving into a fresh new realm.

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Patterns can play an important role in creating strong brand recognition, bringing depth to an identity, and creating a more memorable brand experience. We crafted three organic textures to add movement to the brand with a human touch. These marks have a motion to them, and represent the lines and journeys of life, of which Apex Advice guide their customers all the way through.