Lighting is a family passion that can be tracked back to the company’s humble beginnings in 1993. Fast-forward to the present day, Lightingplus can be found in over 30 locations (and thousands of homes) around New Zealand. Mount Deluxe partnered with Lightingplus to update the company's branding to match it's current direction. We distilled a new identity for the brand by combining the strength of the company's reputable, foundations with a look that’s future-ready.


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These days, Lightingplus has a contemporary identity that stays true to their passion for lights, reflects their famously friendly customer service style, and shines a light on the company's roots in family. They 'own' the colour orange – an existing brand element that differentiates itself from competitors. The rebrand has been rolled out to every touchpoint possible – from logo and business collateral through to brand story, website, packaging, vehicles, stores and more.

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Sales promotions have been crafted with care, ensuring a huge spectrum of versatility across the full range of mediums – from social media, website scrollers and animated google ads to printed in-store posters, tags, and banners.

By lifting the Lightingplus identity into a more timeless space, we've set them up for many years to come.

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