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After years of providing a better building experience, Q Group (Q Construction, Interiors and Maintenance) was ready for an upgrade of their own. Q Construction takes pride in creating frictionless projects that make clients want to come back. Operating in a very competitive market, it was time for Q to tighten the bolts on their own identity and communicate their point of difference. That's when we came in... and after deep-diving into Q's purpose and honing their direction, we mapped out a plan for the complete brand upgrade.

We gave more meaning to the brand by honing in on the Q factor – the intangible way Q Group does business. Q represents the perfect mix of integrity, transparency, tenacity, quality and reliability. We called it 'the power of Q', and fleshed out this notion in a new brand story.


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Q were already known for their 'Q' icon, so we refined this element to create a strong brand mark (not just a letter). Combined with bold, confident typography, the refreshed Q Construction logo provides lots of flexibility when it is used with the other parts of the Q brand family.

With the foundations of the new identity cemented, the greater brand was developed. The focus was on a deliberate use of clear space, a fresher blue, contemporary photography and a commitment to weaving their story through all assets. Q Construction's new brand can be found across their website, vehicles, brochures, pitch documentation, hoarding, photography and more.

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