Vanita Andrews Photography

Inspired by beautiful lighting, interesting subject matter and a unique perspective, commercial photographer, Vanita Andrews captures stunning images that present an unexpected edginess thanks to her subtle quirky style. Vanita was nine years old when she began to capture her world in snapshots of time from behind a camera lens. She had watched her father record family memories, from significant events through to everyday - yet equally memorable – moments, recorded through the permanence of film. With a natural eye for the slightly unusual and a particular passion for portraiture and interesting still life, Vanita has the ability to combine this intrinsic creativity with exceptional technical skill to deliver thoughtful and compelling images.





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I wanted something that stood out as a beautiful piece of design work that attracted the people I want to work with. Mount Deluxe nailed it. They listened and delivered. I have a stylish yet timeless design, which has definitely helped me get noticed.

Vanita Andrews - Director at VA Photography